07.12.2016 – VARO Energy AG, JD Edwards E1 Project Conclusion for Full Speed Systems AG

    In the 1st quarter of this year Full Speed Systems AG was able to win another large JD Edwards E1 ERP project. Together with VARO Energy AG – the large mineral oil company headquartered in Cham, Switzerland – the work contract for the entire project was signed.

    The most important sub-project of the planned overall project of VARO Energy AG in 2016 is the MERP, also called Marketing ERP.

    The introduction of MERP should lead to the entire Swiss Marketing Business, including inventory evaluation and finances, being presented in JD Edwards.

    On 01. 03. 2017 the first phase of the MERP project will go live.

    Phase 1 of the “MERP Project”; focuses on the Cressier business in Switzerland. Varo Energy Refining Cressier SA is one of only two refineries in Switzerland and produces about 25 percent of the volume of all products sold nationwide.

    Phase 2, planned for 2017, will focus on the Bayernoil refineries in Neustadt and Vohburg, Germany. These refineries produce high-quality oil products from over 10 million tons of crude oil per year. Finally, phase 3, planned for 2018, deals with warehousing and trading in the Benelux countries. In Belgium, the Netherlands and France, Varo Energy Marketing AG operates further terminals with mineral oil warehouses.

    For more information about VARO Energy AG please visit the homepage: www.varoenergy.com