FSS Value AddOn Solutions NetSuite

The FSS Value AddOn Solutions

Benefit from market-proven solutions. With the FSS Value AddOn Solutions, we offer our customers useful solutions that have already been successfully implemented in other companies and bring an effective added value. We are happy to advise you without obligation on your current challenges.


NetSuite Value AddOn Solutions

NetSuite Solution Swiss Localization

FSS extends NetSuite with the Value AddOn Solution Swiss Localization, which includes a number of adjustments to Swiss legal requirements and specificities.
In addition, FSS offers other industry-independent solutions and integrations such as quality management, integration of external logistics providers and others – all completely developed in and for NetSuite.

  • 5-cent Rounding
  • ESR payment slip print
  • QR code printing
  • ESR payment slip bill entry
  • QR code payment slip bill entry
  • ESR payments (EFT) ISO 20022
  • IBAN payments (EFT) ISO 20022
  • WIR Bank
  • VAT Flat-tax
  • Invoice Reminder
  • Swiss VAT authority exchange rate interface
  • Validity of CoA with multiple dimensions (department, class, custom segment)


Further Solutions:

  • 1 Adress concept for customer, supplier and employee in NetSuite
  • German localisations in NetSuite
  • Blanket Order in Sales in NetSuite
  • Central Regulator in NetSuite (Zentralregulierer)
  • Shopware <-> NetSuite (master data, orders, fulfillment)
  • FEFO and MHD in NetSuite for food & beverages
  • Item/Customer matrix in NetSuite
  • Advanced quality module in NetSuite (master data, warehouse, purchasing and advanced manufacturing)
  • Multibook for HGB, IFRS, US Gaap, OR, Swiss GAAP FER etc. in NetSuite
  • German cash discount solution in NetSuite
  • German “Gebinde” in NetSuite
  • EDI <-> NetSuite (for multiple protocols)
  • 3PL <-> NetSuite (master data, orders, fullfillment, inventory, status etc.)
  • SSCC solution in NetSuite
  • Custom ATLAS <-> NetSuite