FSS Value AddOn Solutions NetSuite

The FSS Value AddOn Solutions

Benefit from market-proven solutions. With the FSS Value AddOn Solutions, we offer our customers useful solutions that have already been successfully implemented in other companies and bring an effective added value. We are happy to advise you without obligation on your current challenges.


NetSuite Value AddOn Solutions

NetSuite Solution Swiss Localization

The Swiss localization package was developed by Full Speed Systems AG and is certified by NetSuite (www.suiteapp.com/Swiss-Localisation). It contains enhancements to the original functionality of the Oracle NetSuite system. It is a set of functionalities that fully support your NetSuite financial system in compliance with the requirements of the Swiss Accounting Act. After installing the Swiss localization package, users will have access to their transactions, documents and records. All areas of the Swiss localization package include specially customized fields, functions and reports that allow users to implement local regulatory requirements in NetSuite. FSS NetSuite Swiss localization includes:

  • 5-cent Rounding
  • ESR payment slip with invoice printing
  • QR code printing
  • ESR payment slip bill entry
  • QR code payment slip bill entry
  • ESR Payment ISO 20022
  • IBAN payment ISO 20022
  • WIR Bank
  • VAT balance taxation/li>
  • Invoice Reminder
  • Interface to federal tax administration for foreign currency rates
  • Chart of Accounts setup with cost centers, dimensions etc.


Scan & Doc

Scan&Doc solution created by Full Speed Systems within NetSuite for intelligent and efficient processing of supplier invoices and credit notes. Scan&Doc reduces manual and repetitive entries for accounts payable processes, eliminates sources of errors, and increases efficiency and visibility from receipt of vendor invoice to payment. FSS NetSuite Scan & Doc supports the following processes:

  • Data extraction, validation and capture in NetSuite
  • Order allocation
  • Supplier creation
  • Accounting information
  • Document storage
  • Dashboards and notifications


Validation of chart of accounts at invoice entry

Validation of chart of accounts when entering a vendor invoice is a solution created by Full Speed Systems within NetSuite. Most companies operate with split departments and cost centers. To ensure correct posting data, this solution performs validation when posting data is entered and only allows postings that are correct or allowed against the chart of accounts. By restricting the user to one or more classification values, the user can work more efficiently and incorrect entries are prevented. This reduces the effort required to find and clean up erroneous entries while increasing the quality of reporting. The following functionalities are supported:

  • Allows users to mark classifications as mandatory per account.
  • Gives users the ability to select valid values per classification and account. Any value not selected cannot be selected in the transaction.
  • Set combinations of classifications per subsidiary.
  • Flexibility to add user defined segments in the constraint.
  • Easy maintenance of constraints by allowing users with access to edit them directly or via CSV import.
  • Descriptive error messages indicating which values can only be selected in a classification if the values are selected incorrectly.

EDI Adapter ecosio Cloud Integration Platform

The FSS NetSuite ecosio EDI Adapter together with the ecosio integration platform enables full support for B2B communications such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and e-invoicing directly from Oracle NetSuite. This enables NetSuite to exchange machine-processable electronic business documents such as purchase orders, delivery bills, invoices, etc. with any partner or government institution – without human intervention. All structured EDI formats such as EDIFACT, ANSI X12, XML, CSV, VDA, etc. and any EDI protocol – including Peppol in Europe and Singapore – are supported.

Further Solutions:

  • 1 Adress concept for customer, supplier and employee in NetSuite
  • German localisations in NetSuite
  • Blanket Order in Sales in NetSuite
  • Central Regulator in NetSuite (Zentralregulierer)
  • Shopware <-> NetSuite (master data, orders, fulfillment)
  • FEFO and MHD in NetSuite for food & beverages
  • Item/Customer matrix in NetSuite
  • Advanced quality module in NetSuite (master data, warehouse, purchasing and advanced manufacturing)
  • Multibook for HGB, IFRS, US Gaap, OR, Swiss GAAP FER etc. in NetSuite
  • German cash discount solution in NetSuite
  • German “Gebinde” in NetSuite
  • EDI <-> NetSuite (for multiple protocols)
  • 3PL <-> NetSuite (master data, orders, fullfillment, inventory, status etc.)
  • SSCC solution in NetSuite
  • Custom ATLAS <-> NetSuite