APICS Certificates

In 1957 the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) was founded to boost the competitiveness of the US manufacturing industry. Today it is called the Association for Operations Management (www.apics.org). It is the world’s leading organization, and the most important source of accumulated knowledge, in the context of commercial organization, production and stock management, supply chain management (SCM), materials management, purchasing, and logistics.

FSS is the exclusive partner for APICS training in Switzerland, accompanying the courses, held in English, that lead to an APICS certificate. In these courses, you will learn how

  • Optimizing your product storage can increase profitability
  • Just-in-time delivery of products and services can raise customer satisfaction
  • Precise predictions can rationalize operations and help you meet production deadlines
  • Targeted materials and capacity planning can improve production and help you achieve targets consistently
  • Your newly acquired knowhow of all aspects of supply chain management will improve your services
  • And finally, how maximizing your system output will lead to competitive advantage.


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