Business Intelligence

Making clear and reliable decisions on running your company means having meaningful business information at your fingertips.  Business intelligence (BI) solutions consolidate data from a number of systems and extract the relevant information to provide you with the proper foundation for decision-making. Business intelligence is ultimately a form of automated reporting. Data produced by the Enterprise Software systems are used to offer real-time insights into your operations from a number of different perspectives. However, analytics are not handled by the Enterprise Software system itself; instead they are derived from a separate data silo, the so-called data warehouse.

Since you know exactly where your business stands, you will be able to make precise strategic and operational decisions. With a click of a mouse, Oracle Business Intelligence will answer a whole range of questions including:

  • Who are your most profitable clients?
  • Which products generate the highest earnings?
  • Which products sell best?


The answers are derived from analytical concepts and IT systems that don’t just rely on data from your own company, but also take into account developments in the market such as the actions of competitors. The scope and level of detail will exactly match your needs.

Oracle’s BI suite ranks as one of the most powerful in the world, and covers the entire range of needs in any business. Full Speed Systems will support you as you build a business intelligence solution. Since the quality of BI depends above all on the quality of the data, we will consolidate your data in a data warehouse if needed.

Oracle’s leading database technology, when combined with our know-how and years of hands-on BI experience, will guarantee cost-efficient and rapid delivery of a BI system for your enterprise.