Engineer to Order Using Oracle Accelerate

Engineered to order (ETO) is a term used to describe finished products consisting of standard components that are combined according to customer specifications. A typical example would be swivel chairs for office environments. There are often thousands of combinations of sizes, legs, back rests and cloth or leather coverings that a customer can choose from. Keeping all the necessary materials in stock is prohibitively expensive. Manufacturers handling ETO orders face a number of challenges with respect to developing, constructing and producing custom-tailored articles. Usually, a small number but a large variety of items is kept in stock, so that many different combinations can be delivered quickly. To properly deal with engineer to order, all the departments involved in the value chain – particularly development, construction, purchasing, production and maintenance need access to reliable information at all times.

Oracle Engineer to Order is a mature and specialized solution for manufacturers of customer-specific products. The system has a number of advantages:

  • The order cycle is completely mirrored, with the right degree of details shown for each production step
  • Delivery dates can be fixed from the beginning, and will be kept to
  • Surplus can be reduced to a minimum
  • You will have complete transparency in terms of order networks
  • Action is only required in contingency cases and will be immediately signaled

For a number of years, Full Speed Systems has specialized in successfully implementing perfectly fitting IT solutions for medium-sized manufacturers in Switzerland and southern Germany. We would be happy to refer you to customers who have been using our solutions for some time.