Fixed-Price Contract

Due to their complexity, enterprise computing projects have the reputation of being time-consuming and expensive. Full Speed Systems, however, guarantees incomparably fast implementation with its name. We offer a fixed-price contract (general contractor) as a matter of principle to make sure that our clients bear the lowest possible risk in terms of cost and project realization. Hence, you will know your costs beforehand. However, we must have conducted a pre-project to evaluate your existing business processes.

Elements of the general contract are:

Cutting-edge business processes

  • Tried and tested
  • Cross-sector
  • 20 years experience of FSS

Forms included

  • Delivery
  • Bills (including ESR)

Management evaluation

  • Sales statistics
  • Contribution margin index
  • Management cockpit
  • OTIF evaluations

Mandatory implementation plan

  • Milestones
  • Fixed go-live date


  • Payment plan according to work progress
  • Leasing

We offer flexible solutions for financing the license and operating the new enterprise software system. You may opt to purchase the license and use it in perpetuity, booking it as an investment in your accounts. You can also rent the license using a model provided by a bank, FSS or the vendor. Or you may choose to rent the license for a limited period.

Project implementation