Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne


The strategic CRM / ERP solution from Oracle under their control

With over 24,000 installations, JD Edwards is one of the world’s most widely used and successful ERP / CRM systems for midsize businesses. Introduced in 1977, the solution is today part of Oracle and thus the largest business software manufacturer in the world. Oracle employs 7,000 developers for JD Edwards alone, making it one of the largest in the world in this regard. As the only provider, Oracle already guarantees support until at least 2030.

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JD Edwards already includes all of the middle-tier areas and business processes in the standard version, and is expandable with many industry-specific best-of-breed components. The solution is known for cost-effective operation and adaptability. Its open standards and service-oriented architecture (SOA) reduce integration costs.

Oracle today offers versions of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (currently 9.2) and JD Edwards World (currently A9.3). Full Speed Systems has parametrized and preconfigured JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to meet the needs of Swiss SMEs in a two-year development program and is now successfully selling this complete package as Full Speed EnterpriseOne. For the approximately 150 international companies that use JD EnterpriseOne at their Swiss locations, Full Speed Systems operates as an Oracle systems integrator with twenty years of experience.

Oracle is the world leader in IT platforms, middleware, databases, business software and programming languages (with Java). The company offers the world’s fastest servers (Exadata X3 with 26 TB of RAM) and is one of the leading storage providers (Sun). With Solaris, Oracle has a state-of-the-art object-based operating system. Oracle is also the only ERP provider to sell complete solutions – from server farms in the data center to printed forms in the customer’s corporate design.

The Oracle JD Edwards E1 standard installation pre-installs and pre-configures all existing modules, regardless of your licensing model. The dynamic setup capabilities of Oracle JD Edwards allow you to implement new features by simply changing some parameters of the software. The extensive range of functions, the simple and flexible implementation and the open SOA foundation lead to a large customer base with the motto: ‘Every Size, Every Type, Every Place!’


Oracle’s JD Edwards E1 is an integrated international application suite with comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and comprehensive industry experience into a low total cost of ownership business solution. JD Edwards E1 was the first ERP solution to run all applications on the Apple iPad and also provides mobile application solutions.

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Key Benefits / WHY Oracle JD Edwards E1 9.2

JD Edwards E1 is Oracle’s strategic ERP solution, continually evolving and complemented with renewal and new modules.

The update or release behavior of JD Edwards E1 usually behaves identically.

  • Usually every 3 years – major update
  • Permanent minor updates (ESU = Electronic Software Updates)
    • these updates are not mandatory. ROBATECH can decide for itself on the basis of the update content whether an update is necessary. There is no compulsion from FSS / RFI or Oracle.
    • The installation is automated from the Oracle homepage
  • NEW since 2017: JD Edwards E1 offers permanent updates based on the latest JD Edwards release E1 9.2. That means, there are no release changes until 2030 more necessary for the customer.
  • Oracle secures new application releases (9.2 most recent) until at least 2030. With a direct support support of at least 8 years, an investment made today can be used until at least 2038!

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  • On the pulse of time – with the JD Edwards Orchestrator, countless peripheral systems from your digital ecosystem can be easily and inexpensively connected to your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
  • With constant innovations such as the Digital Finance Chatbot, workflows can be made more efficient. The Chatbot is supported on all endpoints and simplifies and accelerates vendor approval processes or other “approval” processes.
  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is one of the world’s most innovative all-in-one ERP systems. The focus of Oracle is on Research & Development.
  • With “EnterpriseOne Notifications” releases, work requests (maintenance, etc.), payment orders, etc. can be sent automatically according to predefined criteria. Each employee can also monitor their area of responsibility with personalized dashboards and receive notifications when critical values are exceeded or undercut.

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