Master Data Management

A combination of growing and novel customer requirements and internal organizational structures and system architectures that have evolved slowly leads to new challenges that will be very expensive if addressed with standard IT approaches. Using the existing application architecture is highly intricate and time consuming. Even small changes are costly. Based on these insights, Full Speed Systems has developed a highly effective master data management (MDM) approach.

This approach will lower project and process spending because master data will facilitate increased process automation. Dividing master data, transactional systems and BI helps when it comes to attributing distinct tasks, and thus reduces the complexity of adaptations. Project agility will increase as a result. Central master data management also has great synergy potential, as an attribute that is required by more than one IT system will only be managed once and made available to all systems centrally. Administrating several data silos simultaneously will no longer be necessary, preventing any loss of quality. Using master data management, entire IT architectures can be consolidated in a structured way thanks to the clear distinction between master data and transactional data.