We offer several different ways to operate your new system. You can do it entirely using your own IT team, either as a client-server solution in-house (on premise) or hosted in a datacenter. Either way you can rely on or call on our experts if needed. You also have the option of running the system as a cloud-based solution. In this case, Full Speed Systems can take charge of operations using a Swiss Tier-III certified datacenter. You may also decide to use a cloud service offered by a vendor (Oracle). In this case your data will be hosted in another jurisdiction.

Full Speed Systems offers:

  • SLA organization and SLA operations
  • ASP and sourcing/hosting approaches
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Why Full Speed Systems?

  • Process integration based on SWOT analyses
  • Clear decisions based on an efficiently integrated architecture
  • Neutral process and organization assessment from a business perspective
  • Highly appropriate integration architecture and tools
  • Experience from over 400 client projects
  • Many years of experience and productive solutions in customer circles
  • Oracle Gold Partner