Process Integration

Businesses face the challenge of becoming more and more flexible to be able to rapidly accommodate any new requirements that may arise. New products and services may need to be integrated into portfolios, different partners may come on board, efficiency may need to be raised further, or acquisitions may have to be completed. In all such cases, existing processes and systems need to be adapted and expanded to accommodate the new requirements – and all this on the basis of investments that have already been made. The ability to integrate processes thus becomes imperative.

We have the know-how in the industry segments we’re actively engaged in to shape and realize process integration within your enterprise and with your external partners. By utilizing a service-oriented architecture and flexible technologies, we’re able to integrate your business requirements swiftly and effectively.

We offer:

  • Optimization of business processes, integration fitness (BPA)
  • Process integration across companies
  • Concept development for IT-driven business workflows (BPM)
  • Concept development for process controlling (BAM)
  • Real-time monitoring and alert management (BAM)
  • Real-time verification and validation (BAM)