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NetSuite is the world’s # 1 ERP CLOUD solution, providing your organization with a single, web-based solution to integrate core operations such as master data management, inventory management, warehousing, procurement, production, sales, CRM, e-commerce, and more

With NetSuite, you can unravel the costly hassle of disparate business applications and use a single system for accounting / ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and more. It allows you to automate your processes to gain insight into business and drive productivity. Built-in Business Intelligence provides clear visibility into financial, sales, and service results through role-based dashboards and real-time reporting. A 360-degree view of the customer ensures consistent customer information for marketing, sales and service, improving collaboration and eliminating duplicate outdated customer information. NetSuite’s web-based solutions enable your employees to access critical business information from anywhere in the world. With the support of popular mobile devices, NetSuite customers can access their business applications directly from their handsets.

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With over 24,000 installations, JD Edwards is one of the world’s most widely used and successful ERP / CRM systems for midsize businesses. Introduced in 1977, the solution is today part of Oracle and thus the largest business software manufacturer in the world. Oracle employs 7,000 developers for JD Edwards alone, making it one of the largest in the world in this regard. As the only provider, Oracle already guarantees support until at least 2030.

Oracle’s JD Edwards E1 is an integrated international application suite with comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and comprehensive industry experience into a low total cost of ownership business solution. JD Edwards E1 was the first ERP solution to run all applications on the Apple iPad and also provides mobile application solutions.

The Oracle JD Edwards E1 standard installation pre-installs and pre-configures all existing modules, regardless of your licensing model. The dynamic setup capabilities of Oracle JD Edwards allow you to implement new features by simply changing some parameters of the software. The extensive range of functions, the simple and flexible implementation and the open SOA foundation lead to a large customer base with the motto: ‘Every Size, Every Type, Every Place!’

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