Urs Liechti - CEO

Urs Liechti is CEO, co-founder, co-owner and project leader of Full Speed Systems. After completing a master’s in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich, he first went to IBM as a sales manager and then to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco international as a project manager. In everything he does, he aims to achieve competitive advantage for his clients by optimizing their business processes. He acts as a solution architect for integrated solutions, and is in charge of business consultancy services, project preparation and project management at Full Speed Systems.


Marcel Merz - CFO

Marcel Merz is co-founder and co-owner, CFO and project manager of Full Speed Systems. He is a certified Swiss accountant and has expertise in controlling, reporting, budgeting, consolidation, and integration. He actively accompanied the development of the controlling module in Oracle JD Edwards.


Roland Rüegg - CIO

Roland Rüegg is CIO at FSS. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich, and has acquired a wealth of expertise in data transfer and communications. After conducting research at AT&T in the US and at ABB’s research facilities in Dättwil, he joined FSS as a consultant in 1997. He has been a member of the management board, CIO and manager of Enterprise Software projects since 1999. In addition, he acts as an APICS instructor for international enterprises.


Uwe Bässler - COO

Uwe Bässler joined FSS in 2001 as a consultant, and directs project preparations and business consultancy services for national and international clients. He holds a degree in technical management. He is director of applications and a certified project leader.


Franz Aregger

Franz Aregger joined FSS in 2001 as a consultant for enterprises in the logistics industry. He has successfully completed more than twenty national and international projects. He holds a degree as a certified maintenance specialist from the vocational school in Berne and an additional degree from the Maintenance and Facility Management Society of Switzerland (MFS).

Ivo Borer

Ivo Borer started his apprenticeship in information technology in 2016 at FSS.

Michelle Brechbühl

Michelle Brechbühl finished her training to become a computer scientist in systems engineering in summer 2017. Since then she is working as a technical Consultant for NetSuite at FSS.

Nicole Connor

Nicole Connor joined FSS in 2018 and started out supporting the administration but has since been developping herself as a NetSuite Consultant.
She is a BA graduate (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of West of England. Her professional experience lies in sales as well as in industries as sports and tourism in Spain, Germany and England.

Adrijana Gligorijevic

In the summer of 2019, I started my apprenticeship as a clerk in service and administration at FSS. In my spare time I like to play volleyball. I’ve been playing in VBC Triengen for more than 5 years now.

Pia Dubach

Pia Dubach joined FSS in May 2013 and is responsible for the back office and personnel administration. After completing her commercial training, she continued her education in the areas of export and marketing and earned a federal diploma as a company trainer. Her professional experience comes from the Swiss machine, electrical and metal industry. She also works as a part-time graduate coach.

Christina Estermann

Since August 2018 Christina Estermann has been working in a 50% pensum at FSS in the area of finance. She is a trained a business economist and obtained a federal certificate as a financial planner. For the last nine years she has worked in a trust and as an accountant in an SME in Lucerne.

Norbert Falkenstein

Norbert Falkenstein joined FSS in 2002 as a technical consultant on client projects involving the installation, upgrade and technical implementation of third-party products. He has successfully supervised more than twenty projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Dominic Frei

Dominic Frei started at FSS in 2018 and specializes in Supply Chain Management. After graduating as a professional Bachelor he finished a Master of Advanced Studies in Supply Management Excellence.

Philipp Häfliger

Philipp Häfliger joined FSS in 2018 after a well-founded education in logistics and transport. He works as a Consultant for Supply Chain Management. 

Stefan Hengge

Stefan Hengge has been working as a consultant for NetSuite at FSS since 2018. He studied business administration at the University of Mannheim and then held various positions in consulting and sales at well-known software companies.

Joelle Greber

I study Business Administration at the University of Bern. Since March 2019 I have been working at FSS in the field of marketing, in addition to my studies, with a workload of 20%. I spend my free time playing volleyball and traveling.

Markus Kottmann

Markus Kottmann joined FSS in 2017 as a Consultant for Supply Chain Management. His background lies in purchasing, procurement, sales and budgeting.

Simon Krieger

Simon Krieger started his second apprenticeship as a computer scientist/EFZ in the field of application developers at FSS in summer 2018.

Bernd Löx

Bernd Löx joined FSS in April 2013 as an application consultant specializing in supply chain management and the implementation of the corresponding modules in software solutions such as JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. He completed his studies at the Media University in Stuttgart with a bachelor of science in industrial engineering. Already as a student he gained experience on the product and management side in printed circuit board manufacturing, and in the pressure and chemical technical production industry.

Franziska Marti

Franziska Marti is a federally certified accountant, and has been working for FSS since 1997 as a financial consultant. She has accompanied the entire development of JD Edwards OneWorld.

Jelena Mihajlovic

Jelena Mihajlovic finished her commercial apprenticeship at FSS. Since 2017 she has been working as a finance consultant. Currently she is doing a further study to become a certified Swiss Accountant.

Thomas Müller

After a degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich, Thomas Müller joined FSS in 2002 as a programmer. Today he is head of software development and project manager on a number of customer projects.

Patrick Nussbaumer

Patrick Nussbaumer is a trained system engineer, and is currently studying for a degree in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne, with the emphasis on ICT business solutions. In 2011, he started working as a system administrator at FSS, where he maintains the entire internal IT system.

Eric Salomon

Eric Salomon joined FSS in 2018 as a NetSuite consultant. 2018 he graduated his Bachelor in applied information technology at HAW Hamburg with a major in applications engineering, computer graphics and IT-security.

Beatrice Schader

Beatrice Schader is a consultant in Supply Chain Management and finances, a position she has held at FSS since 1998. She graduated from the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland, with a bachelor of science in business administration and controlling. She also acquired a post-graduate diploma in business computer science (NDS WI) from the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne 1998, gaining knowledge of process consultancy. In addition she has a certificate of advanced studies in Enterprise Software systems from the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne (2007), and an APICS certificate in production and inventory management (2012).



Ramon Suter

Ramon Suter completed an apprenticeship as a computer scientist and received a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of St. Gallen. He joined FSS in 2004 as a technical consultant for Enterprise Software projects, and since 2010 has supervised SOA projects.

Darius Tomaschett

Darius Tomaschett finished his apprenticeship as an IT technician specialising in application development and worked as a programmer for ERP solutions. He joined FSS in 2016 as a programmer.



Andreas Trachsel

Andreas Trachsel is a consultant and project leader in Supply Chain Management, and has been with FSS since 2011. He holds a Technical College of Economics degree in business administration, and is an APICS CPIM specialist (Certified in Production and Inventory Management). After several years of practical experience in purchasing and planning in a commercial enterprise, Andreas Trachsel now manages JD Edwards customers in the areas of CRM, production, purchasing and inventory.