18.11.2020 FSS Webinar

    Full Speed Systems will host a Webinar on November 18th, 2020 starting at 1pm CET. IT- as well as business-oriented customers will be addressed. You can expect presentations about Future of Finance, Future of Supply Chain Management as well as Innovation & Digitalisation. Guest speaker from PwC, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle will be accompanied by JD Edwards and NetSuite Breakout Sessions. Please find the detailed program below.

    Future of Finance
    CFOs have a stark choice: either look on as the finance function is automated out of existence or seize a new and crucial role in the business. Get insight into how the future target operating model can look like.

    Future of Supply Chain Management
    Manufacturing is going through a revolution commonly known as Industry 4.0. This will help with business operations, insights and help build new selling models across the industry. We will share what AWS is seeing and how we are working with customers to quickly adopt these practices into their operations. This is seen as an incredible resource answer for companies looking to evolve and change with the current turbulent times.

    Innovation & Digitalization: Driver for Growth and Cost Reduction
    In today’s global economy, it is important to be able to adjust to changing market demands and unforeseen events that have economic impacts. Companies can either prosper or fail with these changes. Continuous innovation and embracing digital transformation are key factors to successful companies. Innovation and digitalization allow companies to remove manual tasks that are costly, time consuming and error-prone from process. By removing this friction from processes, companies are able to reduce costs, quickly adopt to changing market demand and innovate to create new business opportunities.

    The transmission takes place via zoom, for which you will receive the access link in advance.
    All presentations will be in English.